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Volume 34 Issue 05
Dec.  2020
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YANG Fan, XU Kewei, GU Lei, NING Lirong, LU Li, SHEN Zhongmin. 2020: Simulated experimental research on quantity change characteristics of oil and gas microorganisms. Petroleum Geology and Engineering, 34(05): 44-48.
Citation: YANG Fan, XU Kewei, GU Lei, NING Lirong, LU Li, SHEN Zhongmin. 2020: Simulated experimental research on quantity change characteristics of oil and gas microorganisms. Petroleum Geology and Engineering, 34(05): 44-48.

Simulated experimental research on quantity change characteristics of oil and gas microorganisms

  • Received Date: 2019-10-09
  • Rev Recd Date: 2020-04-27
  • Publish Date: 2020-12-08
  • Based on the surface soil samples of an oil and gas area in Jiangsu oilfield, a gas reservoir and reservoir simulation environment with certain oil and gas background information was constructed. The quantity change characteristics of oil and gas microorganisms under different light hydrocarbon seepage conditions were studied through simulation experiments by using surface soil samples from a certain area in Jiangsu oilfield. The results showed that the number of microorganisms using hydrocarbons as carbon source increased rapidly and finally reached a plateau stage, while the number of microorganisms without hydrocarbon supply decreased gradually. The number of microorganisms was proportional to light hydrocarbon leakage flux in a short time, however, after long-term domestication under different leakage flux, the number of microorganisms tended to be uniform. The abundance of gas indicator gene pmoA and oil indicator gene bmoX have good response and specificity to gas and oil reservoir environment respectively. Microorganisms were in a state of extinction under the simulation condition of exhausted reservoir without hydrocarbon supply. Through simulation experiments, the response of surface oil and gas microorganisms to underlying reservoirs is verified, and the quantitative variation characteristics of oil and gas microorganisms under light hydrocarbon seepage environment are preliminarily clarified.
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